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About Us

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  • Preserve the area’s unique heritage and support the arts and the talented artists who grace our community.   

  • To create an art, history and learning environment that will enrich the community, become an art destination for visitors, and provide a cultural experience for residents.

HAHC is a non-profit art gallery, gift shop, pottery studio, and history museum founded in 2007. We serve Northeast Georgia artists and the community through art education, art therapy, and sales opportunities.

The History Museum, housed within the Arts Center, and is the place to find information about Helen and the surrounding area. 

We are open to the public and there is no admission fee.

Spring/Summer 12:00 pm to 5:00 pm

Fall/Winter 11:00 am to 4:00 pm

Sunday - Saturday

We offer a variety of activities to the public:

  • Fully equipped Pottery Studio

  • An artist studio

  • A variety of art classes of all media

  • A free Veteran's art program

  • Five art/fine craft festivals

  • Art-based therapeutic workshops through AVITA & Black  Bear Treatment Center

2024 HAHC Board Members, and Committees

Executive Director

Admin Assistant

Board Members 2024

  • Catherine Cleiman- President

  • Nicole Tomaszewski - Vice President

  • Pam Summers - Secretary

  • Patricia Noel - Treasurer

  • Renee Lamback

  • Suzanne Evans

  • Fernando Girabaldi

  • Helen Hardman



  • Sandi Liscinsky, Chairperson

  • Tina Perkins

  • Helen Hardman

  • Patricia Noell - Financials

Events / Fundraiser

  • Sandi Liscinsky, Chairperson

  • Tina Perkins

  • Patricia Noell

  • Missy Whitlock

  • Susan Holmes

  • Fernando Girabaldi

  • Nicole Tomaszewski

Membership / Sponsor

  • Sandi Liscinsky

  • Tina Perkins

  • Patricia Noell


  • Suzanne Evans, Chairperson

  • Flynn Gentry-Taylor

  • Donna Harris

  • Anne Hope

  • Patricia Noell

History Museum

  • Helen Hardman, Chairperson

  • Paula Ash

  • Renee Lamback

  • Sandi Liscinsky


  • Nicole Tomaszewsk


  • Sandi Liscinsky

  • Tina Perkins, Social Media, News Paper, Newsletter

  • Suzanne Evans, Social Media

  • Lou Dickinson, Website


  • Fernando Girabaldi

  • Sandi Liscinsky


  • Flynn Gentry-Taylor, Front Desk Coordinator

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