Pottery Making Friday


$50 or $150


Every Friday Afternoon

About the Class

Fridays ( unless it fall on a holiday)

1:00 - 4:00 pm

$50 per session* or $150 for block of 5 sessions

Supplies: $35 for 1 bag of clay

This is a project specific class. Students will ceate a project selected by the instructor, following along as a group. You are guaranteed to advance your skills in both hand building as well as pottery in general. All levels of experience welcomed.

Come join us on any Friday, unless it falls on a holiday. All levels are welcome. This is a project specific class. You will join fellow students in following instructions to make specific items selected by your teacher, Suzanne Reese Johnston. These projects are guaranteed to advance your skills in both hand building and pottery in general.

Week 1 of the month: Enhanced Pinched Pot Techniques

Week 2: Next Level Slab Building

Week 3: Embellish - Roses, flowers, bugs, butterflies, too long and stamps.

Week 4: Underglaze/glazing and continued projects with pinch pots and slabs.

The single session is great if you are unsure clay is for you but you have always wanted to try it.

Please note: You will not be able to create a completed project during 1 session, it takes at least 2 sessions to create, dry, fire, glaze and fire again.

Visitors to our area:

*Single class reservations are available to local students only. Single classes are to see if someone likes pottery before buying a 5 block of lessons. Single lessons are also meant if a local potter needs help with a special project or technique so they don't have to purchase 5 lessons. It takes several sessions to create and complete a piece. If you are visiting our area you are welcome to take a single class but we are NOT able ship finished pieces they must be picked up.

You must purchase your 5-block of classes for the class you want they are not interchangeable between classes. Purchase Wednesday for Wednesday classes, Thursday for Thursday and Friday for Friday. The classes are not taught by the same instructor and teaching fees are linked to each class and instructor. The 5-block of lessons can be used during any Friday Pottery Class. The 5 lesson option need not be used on consecutive weeks, use them as you have the time to do so, every other week, once a month, etc. This option gives you plenty of flexibility to match your pottery classes to your schedule.

You have a choice of either a brown or a white 25lb bag of clay. The clay fee covers the clay, glazes, and firing of your pieces.

Your Instructor

Suzanne Reese Johnston

Suzanne Reese Johnston