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We need your Support

Together, We Can Do It

The Helen Arts & Heritage Center has received 

a generous seed grant of $4000.


 With this grant, we will be able to pay for a Front Desk Employee - 2 days a week. 


This is wonderful news! Why you ask?


Because we have an obligation to our community to promote the heritage center, to inform the tourist of our history in Alpine Helen. We are a tourism town - and we owe it to the tourist that enter our doors to show them just how wild and wonderful our history is and how much artistic talent we have in our Georgia community.


Because, within the last few months, we have been struggling with opening our doors. We have had volunteers not capable to volunteer due to various reasons, plus not enough volunteers to work, equals CLOSED DOORS. The Helen Arts & Heritage Center has had to close its doors several times this month and previous months. 


Without our doors able to be open regularly, this is and will continue to impact the center greatly in moving forward.


So this is why I am calling out for YOUR HELP.


The HAHC will have to match this donation via support from our members and other persons.


Will YOU, please consider donating towards our seed grant?


Help keep the HERITAGE & ARTS alive and our doors OPEN!!!



Sandi Liscinsky,

Executive Director

Make A Positive Impact


Hello, I am Sandi Liscinsky, the new Executive Director at the Helen Arts & Heritage Council. Our goal is to work together as our community's needs evolve, and remain committed to improving the quality of life for all. And your gift helps make it possible.

A Heartfelt thank you to Helen Arts & Heritage Center (HAHC) Supporters!

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